Louis Awerbuck, Director

Louis Awerbuck formed Yavapai Firearms Academy to further the work begun by Col. Jeff Cooper. Both were dedicated to exceptional firearms training for citizens’ self defense. Steve McDaniel continues this mission at his Alaska Tactical and Security (ATS), and at ranges in the contiguous 48 states.

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Yavapai Firearms Academy provided training encompassing gunhandling, marksmanship and tactics, the 3 basic elements of surviving a defensive confrontation.

Using a firearm for DEFENSE implies REACTION to an existing threat, not an INITIATION of an action. Therefore, it is our opinion that the most crucial elements of defensive training are QUICK, REFLEXIVE gunhandling and MENTAL CONTROL. While marksmanship training is certainly necessary, it must be combined with tactics and street practical target systems and situations to allow any possibility of surviving a real-world confrontation. No one can guarantee perfect hits under stress, so training should not emphasize this aspect to the exclusion of the others. Reflexive gunhandling and mental control will leave your mind free to concentrate on SHOT PLACEMENT AND TACTICS.

To this end, we use a variety of target systems, and shooting is performed from various tactical body positions; the drills, however, are not of a strenuous physical nature. Training exercises are done from a tactical perspective. Any pressure applied to the student comes from within him/herself. While stress drills are utilized to attain maximum trainee performance on the range, the object of the exercise is to find your individual maximum potential by the end of the class - not during a later life-threatening confrontation! We, therefore, do not use a stopwatch on the range, but for your benefit, what you put in, you will get out of the courses.